Commemoration of the Genocide in Rwanda

In April 1994, numerous acts of violence began in Rwanda, culminating in the genocide of nearly one million people. The victims were members of the Tutsi ethnic minority and moderate Hutu.

GPENreformation commemorates the 25th anniversary of the terrible events in Rwanda, which ended, changed and forever shaped the lives of so many brothers and sisters.


“On the occasion of the 25th commemoration of the Genocide perpetrated against the Tutsi in April 1994 in Rwanda, I would like to share my deep sadness to all the survivors of this Genocide. I particularly remember all the people who were in the schools either Protestant or Catholic with hope of forming one family as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, but – on the contrary – who were innocently killed during this period, just because they belonged to the Tutsi ethnic group.

Today, I would like to thank all the survivors of this Genocide for their endurance, resilience and hope that they have shown in the path of reconciliation and reconstruction of our country, Rwanda. As Director of the National Office of Protestant Education, I implore all education stakeholders to rise with our bodies and souls to preach individually and together in words and in actions “Never again”. Let us work so that our Protestant schools can contribute to the education of the young generations about the history of Genocide and seeking their engagement to build a brighter future based on love, respect the right of life of others, the fulfillment and social welfare of every human being in Rwanda and in the world.”

Pastor Samuel Mutabazi
Director of the BNEP and Member of the Council of GPENreformation/Rwanda


“Dear members of GPENreformation,
Dear ambassadors,

Thank you very much for thinking of partnering you with us in these very tough times for any Rwandan with a good heart.
We commemorate  the 25th year of the genocide perpetrated against the Tutsis in 1994 in the Rwanda. It’s really a period very tragic during which more than a million Rwandan people lost their lives, innocently.
Often, it is difficult to explain this event to anyone who was not in Rwanda during that period. It’s about Rwandan who killed Rwandan and also about Rwandans who stopped this Holocaust. The country had become dark and unsustainable. The consequences were so multiple that they could not be repaired. Fortunately, thanks to good governance and good politics of unity and reconciliation nationiale the country since that time, all the structures that have experienced such upheaval because of these horrible events are currently in place.

In addition, we are fighting against poverty and ignorance. We hope that joining GPENreformation and the reformation already introduced in our country since its birth will help us surely and certainly strengthen the option of our country which is “never again” in Rwanda and in all over the Word and all the Protestant values in our respective schools.

The culture of peace has become our currency especially in our Protestant schools who are joining GPENreformation in reformation.

Many greetings from Rwanda.”

Daniel Barekayo
Groupe Scolaire Karengera-Gitwa/Rwanda


“Genocide has paralyzed our country and we are joined remembering our beloved relatives , friends , parents, brothers and sisters who passed away. Of course we are wounded so much but not desperate . God is on our side, we are really firm witnessing the presence of the power of the Holy spirit among us as we are celebrating the anniversary of 25th years of the remembrance of Genocide against Tutsi in 1994 in Rwanda.

Thank you so much for your comforts.”

Rev Emmanuel Mugiraneza
Kigali Anglican Theological College/Rwanda


Dear Ambassadors,

May the peace of God be with you all. Thank you so much for being part of Rwandans in commemoration of the 25th Anniversary of Genocide against Tutsi, where more than a Million people died. Just like you mentioned the terrible events in 1994 Genocide claimed lives of innocent people, but again through the pain of this horrible holocaust, the event became the basis of tremendous change in the life of the country. The country is no longer a slave of it’s past but progresses through the present with the sense of amazement towards the awesome future. The country is using the past in picking lessons for a brilliant Future. The future with the leadership that focuses on the benefit of it’s citizens other than their own benefits, the future with the citizens having the same philosophy that promotes peace other than conflict, the future that tells Rwandan citizens that they will get only what they sweat for. Encouraging hard work and a sense of self sufficient, with this direction Rwandans have progressively rebuilt their lives through reconciliation, restructuring, renovations as well as regaining her identity . The journey is still long with a lot of distractions but with God and good leadership all things are possible.
In partnership with the GPENreformation, ideas shared strengthens the character of our protestant Schools world wide and may serve as a catalyst to the challenges we all meet, so that the dust surrounding our schools presses out the gold that God ordained in our protestant Schools.

Thanks a gain for the good work in building the Kingdom of God in our Schools.


Charity Birungi
Muhabura Integrated Polytechnic College (MIPC/Shyira)/Rwanda


ES Mushubi: Report on Community Activity on the occasion of WALK TO REMEMBER GENOCIDE 25.

On the 03rd May, ES MUSHUBI has organized the walk to remember in the community. As Rwanda is commemorating 25 years after genocide perpetrated against Tutsi, the school has chosen the day of involving students, staff and other surrounding schools in this particular activity.

This walk started from the school, the participants gathered at 9:00 am and led to the memorial site at Mushubi sector. There were other guests such as the police commander, the sector staff and other Head teachers from various surrounding schools. The event was organized in such that the survivors of genocide were to be donated sheep to grow for the support.


The following is the agenda of the day:

9h00-9h40: walk to remember

9h40-9h45: Prayers from religious

9h45-9h47: One minute to remember

9h47-10h00: Flowers to grave


10H10-10H25: Public talk by NIYITEGEKA FAUSTIN



1OH40-11H00: Testimony by one of the survivors

11H00-11H05: Song broadcasted

11h05-11h20: SPEECH BY IBUKA representative


11H30-12h00: Closing speech + donation to survivors

12h00-12h05: End