Protest for the Future

In the summer of 2015, students from Protestant schools throughout the world were called upon to raise their voices and lodge their protest against the wrongs of this age under the motto “Protest for the future.” In this way they were following in the footsteps of Martin Luther, who with his 95 theses almost 500 years ago had lodged his own protest against the sale of indulgences and other wrongs of the church of his age. In order to provide the children with a thought-provoking impulse, they were also given a number of key points referring to issues in today’s world that merit protest, things in the church requiring renewal, and reflections on how a good world, a good church, and a good school should look like.

Out of more than 1000 submitted theses, 95 were chosen which either point to problems in a particularly striking manner or whose themes are mentioned several times. By this, the booklet represents all submissions. The compilation contains theses from all cultural backgrounds so that the regional diversity of the identified problems and visions becomes visible. At each thesis, the country from which it was sent is noted in brackets.


95 Theses - English
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Here you can find the compilation of all submitted theses:

Compilation of all submitted theses - English
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