It’s been a year since hundreds of students, teachers and friends of Protestant education worldwide came together in Wittenberg to celebrate faith, friendship and global solidarity and to transform the Reformation project “schools500reformation“ into the long-term “Global Pedagogical Network – Joining in Reformation“. Since then, … › Read more

„We’re looking forward to the next meeting“   I often perceive it as surprisingly wonderful to meet people from different cultures. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they are without any potholes. That’s the way of my personal experience. Well, my wife Ulrike and I had … › Read more

Roughly at the same time when “schools500reformation” (GPENreformation’s ancestor) was being born, a French-speaking network was being created (in 2014), with very similar aims, the “Réseau International de l’Enseignement Protestant” (RIEP), whose head office was located with Défap, the protestant mission service, in Paris. This … › Read more