Rediscover roots in Reformation worldwide

Putting down roots – Bearing fruit

Find out: Why ist your school a protestant school? What was the idea behind?

  • Ask persons who know this and make a short video-interview!
  • Go in the archives of your school, find a picture or some reports of your school!
  • Describe some events of the time when your schools was founded!
  • Do you find hints …

Reflect: May you see today the spirit of Protestantism at your school?

  • Discuss in your class!
  • Make an interview with teachers, your principal or the pastor of the school!
  • Express what this mean by a drawing, a song, a poem …


Information for teachers
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Join our activity and send in the roots of your school!

We are looking forward to your histories, video clips, photos or drawings. Send them to We will add them to the description of your school!

... here could be your school!
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Roots of Protestantism

Roots of Protestantism
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Family tree of the churches
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Fundamental ideas of the Reformation
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