What we accomplished

The 32-month project “Schools joining up for Communities of Peace” was aimed at both teachers and students:

Teachers explored innovative possibilities of teaching Peace Education (digitally); students learned about new opportunities for (digital) participation in a globalized society; the participants of both target groups saw themselves as peacemakers and worked as multipliers for a peaceful coexistence.


Thereby the focus was on the development of two products:

The “EduMaP” (Education makes Peace!), an (initially European) online map, enables digital, interactive journeys to places of peace and conflict that can be viewed in 360-degree images. Photos, videos, audios and texts provide in-depth insights; tasks and  quiz questions.

The handbook Series with four e-books on “Experiencing Peace and Conflict with Students“, “Peace Education“, “Peace, Religion and Worldviews” and “Digitalisation” supports teachers in addressing the topic of Peace Education using digital tools and applying the “EduMaP” in teaching.

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