Rwanda: Prayer of Council Member Samuel Mutabazi

Prayer of hope during the period of the pandemic COVID-19

Lord, our God,

We want to trust in You during these difficult moments when the world is confronted with this COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences. We ask you to reassure us in the face of these difficult trials that we are going through. Help us, our Lord, to keep the Faith and the Hope in You.

We pray for the healing of all those who are infected with this pandemic. Lord, during this period of Lent, we remember your sufferings. So we ask you to appease the hearts of all suffering people and their families.

We put in your hands all the staff who care for and help the sick in hospitals and elsewhere. Almighty God, we pray for all those who are engaged in the search for sustainable solutions to stop this pandemic. May you give them the wisdom, the intelligence and the means to do so.

We pray for all actors and actresses in education in our different countries so that you give each and every one the strength and the life expectancy. By your Holy Word, you reassure us that life is stronger than death, that good will overcome evil, that happiness will replace unhappiness. For this, we have reason to hope and continue to fight for our well-being here on earth and for heaven.

We share this assurance of life with the Apostle Paul who tells us that “neither death nor life, neither angels nor dominions, neither things present nor things to come, neither powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature can separate us from the love of God manifested in Jesus Christ our Lord”.

We pray in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Inspiration from a prayer made and written by Pastor Samuel Mutabazi, Director of the National Office of Protestant Education in Rwanda and member of the GPENreformation Council

Made in Kigali, Rwanda
Friday, March 27, 2020