The Council which includes 5 to 7 members focusses on the structural and strategic development of GPENreformation and is the steering body of the network. Every legislative term last four years. The new composition of the Council developed by the former body must be approved by the Ambassadors Assembly.

The 1st Council had been mandated at the International Conference in Kigali, Rwanda, in November 2017. The following persons are now member of the Council.


Rev. Dr. Birgit Sendler-Koschel

Head of the Department of Education of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD), Germany

Dr. Wim Kuiper

President of Socires (Foundation for civic engagement), the Netherlands

Dr. Jonathan Laabs

Executive Director of the Lutheran Education Association, United States of America

Rev. Samuel Mutabazi

Director of the National Office of Protestant Education (BNEP), Rwanda

Prof. Dr. Annette Scheunpflug

Chair of General Pedagogy, University of Bamberg, Germany