Germany: Thoughts and Prayer of Silja Nemetschek

It’s not gonna be all right. Even though we wish for it so much. We can hope and pray “that the cup will pass from us”, but in the end we too must say: “Your will be done”.

We are Christians, we should be able to do so, even if it is difficult. For we have received good news from Jesus: This life is not everything. There is one more in God, in the Kingdom of Heaven. A much better, more beautiful, eternal life. Not alone, but united.

This prospect, this good news, gives comfort and strength to deal with grief and need.

With this confidence we should face the crisis: not powerless, not panic. But committed and calm with the view: “God is the way and the goal” (Matthias Claudius).


Pray together with Silja Nemetschek:

Do not fear_Silja Nemetschek
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