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The Global Pedagogical Network – Joining in Reformation, short GPENreformation, is an international network of Protestant educational institutions such as schools and universities as well as churches and associations and organizations supporting them. Linked by the common roots in the Reformation, members of different Protestant denominations get in contact with each other. Our goal is to learn together and from each other globally to develop high quality education and to share solidarity worldwide.


Education involves six key relationships or contexts that Protestant schools allow to flourish

Education involves six key relationships or contexts that Protestant schools allow to flourish: the connection between God, teachers, students, and subject areas (the world as curriculum). Some of these are easy to see… the relationship between teachers and students is very important for behavior management. … › Read more

Thoughts for Christmas during Covid-19 crisis / The unwrapped gift

It is lovely that everyone comes together at Christmas. Remembering the birth of Jesus Christ and exchanging gifts. But not under every christmas tree Jesus is commemorated. Not everyone knows about this preciousness. Not everyone has knowledge about the “big picture” and what it really … › Read more

Gedanken zum Weihnachtsfest in der Covid-19-Krise / Das unausgepackte Geschenk

Sorry, this entry is only available in German so far. Es ist schön, dass man am Weihnachtsfest zusammenkommt, an Jesu Geburt erinnert und sich gegenseitig mit Geschenken eine Freude bereiten möchte. Aber nicht unter jedem Tannenbaum befindet sich die Erinnerung an Jesu Christi. Nicht jeder … › Read more

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