Take responsibility and speak up – locally and globally

For this topic, we created four different Didactic Tools:

  • “95 Theses from Young People around the World”
  • “Continent Rallye”
  • “Protest and Hope – Voices from the One World”
  • “Profound Theses”

The tools are based on the activities “Protest for the Future”, already initiated in 2015. Theses were collected that voice the problems of the present time concerning the church, the world and the global society as well as the school. Young people give voice to their visions for a better future. Overall, there is a great variety of ideas on how a good world, a good church and a good school can look like.

For each Didactic Tool, we selected particular theses on which the tools ara based. Each Tool consists of information for teachers, a worksheet and the respective selection of theses.


We wish you a lot of pleisure and success by implementing the different ideas in your classroom. If you like, share your results with us and the other network members by sending them via e-mail to team@gpenreformation.net.



95 Theses of Young People from around the World

For this tool, we compiled a collection of 95 theses. We selected theses which either point to problems in a particularly striking manner or whose themes are mentioned several times. This set of “95 Theses of Young People from around the World” comprises theses from all cultural backgrounds so that the regional diversity of the identified problems becomes visible. At each thesis, the country from which it was sent is noted in brackets.

Information for teachers
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Worksheet "95 Theses"
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95 Theses of young people from around the World
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Continent Rally

For this didactic module, specific theses were compiled for each continent. Five theses per continent regarded as particularly “typical” of their continent were selected.

Information for teachers
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Worksheet "Continent Rally"
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Theses for the Continent Rally
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Protest and Hope – Voices from the One World

For this didactic module, theses from one school of each country were selected. These theses are regarded as being representative for the country from which they were sent.

The single submissions are packed together in one pdf-file for download. The Didactic Tool bases on the selection of one single submission at the teacher’s option.

Information for teachers
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Worksheet "Voices from the One World"
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Selected single submissions
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Profound Theses

For this module, theses were selected that catch the eye through unique formulations or topics. For an easier handling, the theses are placed directly on the worksheet.

Information for teachers
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Worksheet "Profound Theses"
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