Who we are and what we do

The Global Pedagogical Network – Joining in Reformation, short GPENreformation, is an international network of Protestant schools, teacher training colleges and universities as well as Protestant associations, organizations and churches supporting them. Members belonging to various Protestant denominations worldwide explore their common roots in the Reformation.

GPENreformation is convinced that international encounters enrich professionally as well as personally. Within the network, students and teaching staff connect globally and learn from and with each other. Schools and universities develop and strengthen their own profile thanks to new perspectives. This way, GPENreformation aims to forward high quality Christian education worldwide.

GPENreformation understands itself as a forum for Protestant educational institutions and their associations and organizations serving as an intermediary in communication. Within the framework of the network various activities for enriching exchange and personal encounters are set up for teaching or administrative staff and for students in equal measure. By means of God’s kindness and joy in global diversity, fears of the unknown shall be overcome. Thus, students have the possibility to work together with other young people from different countries on specific topics with global relevance (peace, interreligious dialogue, integrity of creation). Short-term global learning projects are supported by the network as well as long-term partnerships. Teachers can participate in trainings or conferences to exchange with their counterparts from other regions of the world and get new ideas for class projects. In dialogue with the scientific community, GPENreformation gives inspiration for innovative learning and teaching methods.

Be welcome to this unique global community in the spirit of Jesus Christ and get enriched by the diversity of Protestant educational work!

Facts and figures about GPENreformation and the network members can be found here:

Giving Voice to Protestant Schools worldwide
Facts and figures about GPENreformation and the network members
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