Rwanda: Thoughts of Ambassador Daniel Barekayo

Dear leaders of GPENreformation, dear GPENreformation Ambassadors, dear members of the GPENreformation network,

May the peace of the Lord always be with you.

I urge you to stand up to be very united in these very difficult times for the whole world community in general and the Protestant community in particular. I believe it is time to really show who we are.

At home in Rwanda we have not yet experienced the Coronavirus pandemic which is currently plaguing the whole world. As a preventive measure, all our schools have just prevented morning gatherings to thwart the possible spread of this scourge. In these gatherings, a few minutes were reserved for meditation. Our school known as the Groupe Scolaire Karengera-Gitwa has 40 small children at the nursery level, 537 pupils at the primary level and 899 pupils at the secondary level. It is therefore impossible for us to share the word of God together regularly and at the same time. Therefore, it is not also possible to organize general meetings of parents to decide on certain important activities at school, things could then become paralyzed.

We pray for our brothers and sisters who are members of GPENreformation who are already facing this global calamity in order to emerge victorious.

The Eternal of Hosts is merciful.

Barekayo Daniel

GPENreformation Ambassador