Tanzania: Report of Ambassador Imani Simon Msambwa

Dear friends of GPENreformation,

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. Since the world started to suffer from the COVID-19 Pandemic, lifestyles have changed even if they depend on the cultures and the situation in which we are economically, socially and politically.

In Tanzania, the COVID-19 Pandemic made people to adopt a new lifestyle, for example in education as students from all levels have been at home since March. Therefore, new teaching styles has been adopted, especially the use of Television and other information technologies. This facilitates students to learn and workers to accomplish their responsibilities at home, though it does not always works a hundred percent due to the lack of appropriate equipment.

People are still suffering from the economic situation, especially workers in the private sector due to the lack of salaries and job insecurity. Our Government insists that people take precautions to avoid unnecessary movements and interactions. There are no strong restrictions on religious activities.  People can still worship on Sundays; they have been advised to say special prayers for the help of the world.

May our Almighty God be with us.


Imani Simon Msambwa
Kidugala Lutheran Seminary