Rwanda: Thoughts of Ambassador Muhire Gilbert

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
My name is MUHIRE Gilbert, the Elementary school principal at Kigali Christian School.

Friends, in weeks that feel different because our daily rhythms have changed, we can’t pursue work, ministry or life the same way as before. But this is nothing new with Jesus. He has been there from the beginning. We might feel drained and annoyed by all the restrictions. We might feel bored from staying home all day. But there is so much more that is happening. John reminds of the fullness of life. A life in which we can bring our sorrows, fear, and uncertainties to God. A life in which we experience community with God and the followers of Jesus around the world.

So far at Kigali Christian School, as both staff and students are locked down during this COVID-19 pandemic period, we are experiencing a connection between our school and parents whereby we created WhatsAppp groups for every single class to make sure teachers are exchanging assignments packages and notes to keep children busy and not losing academic focus while at home. This has been also a strategy to keep encouraging one another within the same spirit.

During this difficult time and uncertainty, we need to keep our focus on His word and His promises. As we listen to all that is going on around the world, it is so easy to lose sight of His face. There are 7 things, which I believe with all my heart, that I would like to share with you… They are not my words, but His words. Be encouraged my friends:

  1. God is still in control and this is not a surprise to Him – Isaiah 46:10-11, Romans 8:28
  2. God doesn’t expect me to understand, but to trust Him completely. Proverbs 3:5-6
  3. God doesn’t want me to worry or be anxious about what’s happening in our world. Philippians 4:6-7, Matthew 6:30-34
  4. God can and will bring good out of this, according to His will and purpose. Romans 8:28
  5. God still wants me to be His light and love to those around me. Matthew 5:16
  6. God doesn’t want me to live in fear, but to live by faith. Isaiah 41:L10, Hebrews 10:38
  7. God will give me a restful mind as I leave my worries and disappointments with Him. Matthew 11:28, Isaiah 26:3

To sum up, be strong and courageous!

MUHIRE Gilbert

GPENreformation Ambassador
Principal of the Kigali Christian School (Elementary School, Kigali Campus)