Talk of Hope for Teachers

Teachers from all over the world submitted reports on the occasion of the digital event series about how they have fared over the past months and which experiences were their seeds of hope. But read for yourself:

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Based on the reports, two Talks of Hope took place on October 21 and 22. More than 60 teachers came together virtually.

The particular challenges mentioned were the inadequate (technical) infrastructure and equipment in many countries, the complexity of the problems faced by some students (precarious family circumstances, missed meals due to school closures, emotional problems) and the difficulty in preparing for and taking exams.

But despite these difficulties, the participants mainly reported hopeful experiences and insights: The appreciation of families, friends and personal encounters had increased; the possibility of networking globally had become more conscious and important; and the ability to deal with change constructively had been promoted.

The fact that the teachers present can look back on the past months with such a positive view is mainly due to the many, many seeds of hope that have been sown – by themselves, by colleagues and parents. And especially by students: Their genuine interest in learning even under the most difficult circumstances and their appreciation for the teachers’ work had lit the way even in dark times.

And so the Talks of Hope ended in mutual affirmation and encouragement – because in the knowledge that young people all over the world need committed teachers, in global solidarity and in firm faith in Jesus Christ and his love in which we can trust at all times, teachers in Protestant schools will continue to sow and spread seeds of hope.