Rwanda: Prayer of Ambassador Nyiraneza Albertine

With church doors shutting across the globe, it is time for us( Christians), to show that the church has never been about the buildings. We are the church, the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.


Let’s pray.

Heavenly Father, we come humbly to Your feet today to ask for Your loving and divine intervention in our life. There is no other God rather than you. You are our refugee, our provider, our loving Father and our everything. Open your hears for our prayer today. I know you have been in control and still you are but it is also our duty to pray during our hardship. You are the one who advised us to pray when we are worried. Please show us that there is nothing to fear or worry about. Hold us tightly in Your loving embrace, so that we can be stronger than the difficult challenges in our life. I bring the entire world in your hands, Please, listen to our hearts’ longings for the healing of our world. We pray for the quick recovery of the confirmed cases all over the world. Please, stop the spread of this virus and the raise of new case as well.

We are in a quarantine; Life is hard. If we don’t die of corona we could die of hunger. But you are still God and the control remains yours. Loving Father, provide food for those in need all over the world. We have seen you in our troubles before, we would like to see you again. We trust you God, we know that you will never let us down ever. King of kings, we can’t leave behind all families that lost their loved ones, please comfort them and protect them from their own weakness and free them from any fears they are holding deep within their hearts. Grant them Your mighty courage so that they may be able to look bravely forward toward the beautiful plan you have for their lives. We offer these prayers in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ your only son. Amen.


Friends, please, please, please, listen to this: Washing your hands is not enough to prevent the corona virus. The risk of contracting an infected person is low but the risk of touching the infected surface is high. That’s why while staying at home, we have to take care of some important places in our house. The places where everybody touch. All places where people leave a million of fingerprints all the time, especially:

  1. Door knobs
  2. TV remote
  3. Light switches
  4. The book you read
  5. Your phone
  6. Toilet handles
  7. Tables and chairs, and so on

N.B: Better use gloves while cleaning if possible; if not make sure to wash your hands with clean water and soap before and after cleaning.

Your sister in Christ
Rev. NYIRANEZA Albertine

Presbyterian Church in Rwanda, Gitarama Presbytery