Texts and Publications

Information about GPENreformation


Giving Voice to Protestant Schools worldwide
Facts and figures about GPENreformation and the network members
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Flyer_basic members_English
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Position papers

Christian schools and the futures of education
A Contribution to UNESCO’s Futures of Education Commission by the International Office of Catholic Education and the Global Pedagogical Network - Joining in Reformation
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More languages can be found under the following link: Our Vision


Join – the GPENreformation Journal

Join! GPENreformation Journal 2018
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Didactic Tools

Putting down roots – Bearing fruit

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Information for teachers
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Roots of Protestantism

Fundamental ideas of the Reformation
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Family tree of the churches
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Roots of Protestantism
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Protest for the Future

Compilation of all submitted theses - English
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Information for teachers
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Worksheet "Protest for the Future"
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95 Theses of Young People from around the World

Information for teachers
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Worksheet "95 Theses"
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95 Theses of young people from around the World
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Continent Rally

Information for teachers
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Worksheet "Continent Rally"
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Theses for the Continent Rally
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Protest and Hope – Voices from the One World

Information for teachers
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Worksheet "Voices from the One World"
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Selected single submissions
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Profound Theses

Information for teachers
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Worksheet "Profound Theses"
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Technical Literature


Documentations and Protocols

Symposium Report - English
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Programme Soesterberg 2016
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Programme Wittenberg 2015
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Report Wittenberg 2015
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Report of the conference in Koforidua - English
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Report of the conference in Dar es Salaam - English
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Impressions from Soesterberg
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Program of the International Symposium 2017 in Rwanda
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International Conference Report - Long version
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International Conference 2017 report - short version English
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