Communicating for Quality and Peace Education

Lectures by Pastor Frederick Njobati from Cameroon and Stefan Maaß from Germany provided a comprehensive insight into communication processes for the development and assurance of high-quality education as well as for the development and dissemination of peace education concepts.

Both of them and five other experts in peace education and educational quality were then available for questions and discussions in two rounds of workshops.

Ambassador Tom Laengner from Germany invited the participants to share personal experiences that encourage and inspire the individual. He also revealed basic motivations and influences of our communication: Faith, hope and love.

After a concluding discussion on the main results and findings of the Ambassadors’ Assembly, Council member Dr. Jonathan Laabs and Tanzanian Ambassador Mimii Brown concluded the content part of the conference with thanksgiving, farewell words and singing. And: They distributed signs that will make GPENreformation member schools and organizations recognizable at first glance.


Presentations and Results:

Speak for Peace! Communication and Peace and their Interactions
Field Report by Rev. Jean Kasereka (GPENreformation Ambassador, DR Congo); Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Birgit Sendler-Koschel (GPENreformation Council, Germany)

Speak for Peace_Jean Kasereka
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Learn for Peace! Initiation of Protestant Peacemaking Schools in Tanzania
Field Report by Rev. Dr. Gerson Mgaya (GPENreformation Ambassador, Finland/Tanzania); Facilitated by Dick den Bakker (Verus, the Netherlands)

Learn for Peace_Gerson Mgaya
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Learn for Peace_Gerson Mgaya_EN
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Participate for Peace! Participation, Democracy and Communication in Protestant Schools
Field Report by Rev. Frederick Njobati (GPENreformation Ambassador, Cameroon); Facilitated by Dr. Jonathan Laabs (GPENreformation Council, USA)

Participate for Peace_Frederick Njobati
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Involve Everyone for Peace! Developing Schools by Involving Everyone
Field Report by Friedemann Stöffler (GPENreformation Ambassador, Germany); Facilitated by Karin Semler (Concordia International School Shanghai, China)

Involve Everyone for Peace_Results_EN
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Communicate Effectively for Peace! Effective Communication as the Key to a Peaceful Society
Field Report by Lancaster Munyolo (GPENreformation Ambassador, Zambia); Facilitated by
Prof. Dr. Annette Scheunpflug (GPENreformation Council, Germany)

Communicate Effectively for Peace_Lancaster Munyolo
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Teach Qualitatively for Peace! Ensuring Educational Quality with EDUstars
Field Report by Ron Rijnbende (Edukans, the Netherlands); Facilitated by Annika Hensel (GPENreformation Secretary, Germany)

Teach Qualitatively for Peace_Ron Rijnbende
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Teach Qualitatively for Peace_Results_EN
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Become a Peacemaker! Peacemakers and Peacemaking Schools in Germany
Field Report by Stefan Maaß (Center for Peace, Evangelische Landeskirche in Baden, Germany); Facilitated by Rev. Samuel Mutabazi (GPENreformation Council, Rwanda)

Become a Peace Maker_Stefan Maaß
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Friedensstifterschule Heidelberg