Information and materials

This page contains various materials and collections of materials on the topic of peace and peace education. In addition, we have created a page with current materials on the Ukraine conflict. A page with materials on sub-Saharan conflicts is also planned.
Do you know of other materials that could be interesting for GPENreformation? Contact us at and we will add them here.

Materials in Englisch:

Berghof Foundation, Handbook for Conflict Transformation

Catholic Nonviolence Initiative, Peace education and parenting materials

Conflict Resolution Education Connection, Peace Education Resources

Conflict Resolution Education Connection, Resources Catalog

Global Campaign for PEACEducation, 100+ free education materials

House of European History, Hawks and doves – conflict

Institute of international education, 4 Things Your Institution Can Do to Support Education in Crisis

UNESO, UNESCO’s work on education for peace and non-violence: building peace through education

World Council of churches, Education for peace in Multi-Religious World

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