Ambassadors as Bridge Builders

November 23

17 Ambassadors and partners reported on their local GPENreformation activities: From networking to the establishment of peace clubs, the introduction of quality management systems and the latest scientific findings – Protestant schools worldwide are creating innovations!



Tanzania – The Church’s Engagement in Education; Rev. Mimii Brown und Ingo Müller 

Tanzania-The Church's Commitment in Education_Mimii Brown and Ingo Müller
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Linking Tanzanian Schools; Rev. Dr. Gerson Mgaya 

Linking Tanzanian Schools_Gerson Mgaya
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Promoting Peace Clubs in Schools, towards a Sustained Peace Education Program; Rev. Albertine Nyiraneza und Rev. Ernest Nkurunziza 

Promoting Peace Clubs_Albertine Nyiraneza and Ernest Nkurunziza
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Partnership Project of Protestant Schools in the Great Lake-Region; Meschac Vunanga 

Partnership Project in the Great Lake-Region_Meschac Vunanga
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Exploring the Profile of Protestant Schools in Sub-Saharan Africa; Evi Plötz 

Exploring the Profile of Protestant Schools in Sub-Saharan Africa_Evi Plötz
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Synodal Education Network – IECLB – Education for Solidarity and Peace; Prof. Joni Roloff Schneider 

Synodal Education Network_Joni Roloff-Schneider
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Project Green Grain: Peace with Nature; Eljay Abadiano

ALEA: Advancing Christ-centered Ministries in Asia; Karin Semler 

ALEA_Karin Semler
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Protestant Education in Europe: The Work of IV and Verus; Dick den Bakker 

Protestant Education in Europe_Dick den Bakker
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Edukans: Training and Educating Young People for a Better Life; Ron Rijnbende 

Edukans_Ron Rijnbende
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RIEP: Connecting Francophone Protestant Schools; Isabelle Jeno und Christon St Fort 

RIEP_Isabelle Jeno and Christon St Fort
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OIEC: The International Catholic Network; Philippe Richard 

OIEC_Philippe Richard
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500 Protestant Schools – One World! A Study of Partnership in Mission; Rev. Mimii Brown

Initiating a Scientific Circle; Prof. Dr. Annette Scheunpflug 

Initiating a Scientific Circle_Annette Scheunpflug
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