Rwanda: Thoughts of Ambassador Daniel Barekayo on the Role of Parents

Coronavirus in Rwanda and the importance of parents

The beginning of the year 2020 is marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which is spreading worldwide at an extremely high speed and claiming countless lives. Everyone is called upon to stay at home and make themselves useful. We must not forget to trust in the Lord of Hosts.

In Rwanda, as in other countries of the world, families have been forced in unexpected ways to stay at home. Parents should take advantage of this to help their children make the most of this time of captivity, as they all spend the whole day together. Because we are all forced to stay at home.

This unexpected situation is more or less supported by the new diversity of employment of family members: schools, offices, churches, etc. are all closed. Therefore, with the help of their parents and/or grandparents, children can deepen the knowledge they have acquired at school and apply it practically according to their age.

This period of containment to counteract the rapid advance of the coronavirus is a great opportunity for families with appropriate resources to support their children in acquiring knowledge. For example, age-appropriate short stories, fables and stories can be read to them.

Another new and important part of the family’s everyday life is hygiene; everyone should wash their hands regularly and not touch their mouth, nose and face.

In Christian families, worship songs can be sung and prayers and Bible passages read together.

I am sure that this terrible and tragic time will pass if we continue to follow the instructions of the relevant authorities while respecting God.
Parents have their usual role to play during this time; and at the same time, the role of the teacher, so that there are no unpleasant consequences for their children at the end of this crisis.

Pastor Barekayo Daniel

GS Karengera-Gitwa