Contributions of Education experts

GPENreformation invited experts of Education to come to Wittenberg during the Reformation Summer and contribute to a diverse program on the talents’tent stage. Each week’s topic was interpreted in relation to Education: Peace as Peace Education, Integrity of Creation as Learning for Sustainability, Media as new media tools in the classroom, etc…. . The visitors had the chance to learn more about these topics in discussions, workshops and more. This way, the talents’tent became the Exhibition’s meeting place for education in a broader sense. Some of the experts stayed for a whole week, others only for one day or one event. GPENreformation thanks all of them for their contribution!

Here below you find material that was used by the experts on-site and reports written afterwards about their program at the talents’tent stage.

Report Bread for the World workshops - German
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The project G-Code - German
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Travel through the gender country - German
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Religious Education at the EGG Bismarck - German
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Presentation IV - English
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RPZ Bavaria_500 years of Reformation - modules for lessons - German
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