Learning Activity III: Spreading Peace (Self-Efficacy)


After a long wait, hard work and some moments of frustration, the long-awaited present learning encounter could take place on the Koppelsberg in Plön/Germany in April 2022.

While the 34 students worked on their digital tours of important places of peace and conflict, a storyline for the EduMaP and the User Guide, a guide for creating a virtual tour, the 14 teachers concentrated on the e-book “Experiencing Peace and Conflict with Students”. They were accompanied by experts from the Berghof Foundation (digial), the Vrijen Universiteit Amsterdam, the Comenius Institute, the Church Office of the EKD/GPENreformation and Jens Palkowitsch-Kühl and Paul Hopkins (digital).

The programme was rounded off by a pub quiz, peace prayers and services, an excursion to Hamburg, a farewell evening and for some students a swim in Lake Plön…

You can find the programme here:

SchoolCoPe_Learning Activity III_April 2022_Programme
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And of course, we received a lot of feedback for the week:


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