October: Groupe Scolaire Kigeme A and Colegio Sinodal da Paz

Here you can find the contribution of the Groupe Scolaire Kigeme A and the Colegio Sinodal da Paz. It is written in English


G.S KIGEME A/GPEN Global pedagogical network

October 2022: Reconciliation of Life and Faith.

We are glad indeed to meet you again so that we share what we have got throughout this month of October.

Reconciliation of life and faith is just like unifying our daily lives with faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

CONTEXT We have chosen: Our school.

Where life and faith interacts (Reconciliate) in our school:




– Clubs


Observation Protocol

Date: 03/10/2022 – 09/10/2022

Institution/Place: G.S Kigeme –A

What is our focus today?

Our focus today is on the reconciliation of life and faith in our school.

What did I witness? What has that to do with my focus?
Keeping in unity with God in our daily activities *Praying

*Reading bible

*Helping the needy

*Being a disciple

*Commitment to Christ


*Following God’s commandments


*Loving our neighbors

*Peaceful relations with others


*Christian fellowship

*Working with the holy spirit




How we reconciliate life and  faith:

(It is easy for us as Christians to reconciliate life and faith).

-Classroom: Praying for poor students and help them in finding some materials that are in our capacity.

-Dining hall: We are used to pray before eating and share equally what has been prepared.

-Dormitory: We are used to pray before going to sleep and we make a timetable of how to clean our hostels.

-Clubs: There are many clubs in schools and we as Christians invite them in our shows as well as they invite us, we respond their invitation.

– School: The school laws and regulations fall in the same way of the God’s commandments and we try to be role model in respecting them. In case there is one of us who falls in mistakes, we are the first to have discussion for changing him. We are used to have morning assembly where we as students meet in the same place in order to pray every day. Some of us participate in preaching.


It is not exactly the same to other students like Muslims because they are used to pray on Friday and their time for praying, we are used to be in classrooms.


As a conclusion, it is better for us as Christians to reconciliate life and faith actively through different ways, including reading Bible, Praying, Christian fellowships working hand in hand with others even with those whom we don’t have the same faith. This is the strategic ways to emphasize our daily lives and faith in Jesus Christ.



If a person does good with the greatest possible will (excellence), he strengthens his faith. Faith is exercised anywhere, not just in the church. That’s why faith is part of everyday life. Faith is the fuel of spirituality, which all people have, and which is expressed in good deeds, especially voluntary actions.

Faith (spirituality) is present in the little things, whether in smiles, in education, in the joy that can influence other people. Faith is what can move any action, as well as that of scientists who seek solutions for a better world. Faith is an expression of empathy, of care for the people with whom we live. Quoting 2 Corinthians 5:18-20, we understand that faith and life are reconciled in love of neighbor. Faith, therefore, is not something abstract, but is expressed and materialized in love, in life.

Life is the space for the testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Whether at school or at home, witnessing to Jesus helps to put our faith into practice and makes us more confident people. We believe in God without understanding many things, but we feel that God will help us. That is why it is important to have intimacy with God, and to transform God’s love into concrete actions. Small gestures can express spirituality and faith. And small gestures portray hope for a better world.