October: Concordia Lutheran School

Here you can find the contribution of Concordia Lutheran School. It is written in English

What did I witness? What has that to do with my focus?

1.Halloween is always celebrated in Hong Kong, people always have some parties and a lot of exciting activities for it.


2.It’s weird while I’m having a meal with my friend whether lunch or dinner. As Christians, we always have to pray before we have a meal. My friend always has to wait for me to start


3.My parents are Buddhists, and they often perform some worship rituals and burn some paper money.  They will ask you to worship with them, and conflict arises when you explain to them that Christians cannot do these activities.


1.I would like to join us but as a Christian, I know that kind of activity should not be entered, but it’s tough to decide to cause everyone is celebrating and enjoying it.


2.It always makes me feel embarrassed.




3.I’ll go with their request, but I’ll just burn some ordinary paper.