Info on campaign for young refugees from Ukraine

The Ökumenischen Jugenddienste (ÖJD) and the ÖJD-Förderverein are starting from now a campaign for young refugees from Ukraine (age 16-26) and will cover the costs for the participation of young Ukrainians in an ÖJD work camp.

The registration fee of 25 € and the travel costs for arrival and departure (9-Euro-Ticket or more if the 9-Euro-Ticket cannot be used) will be covered by the association, all other costs will be covered by the ÖJD. Participation in an ÖJD work camp is thus a completely free offer for young people from Ukraine who are currently in Germany and would like to spend some carefree time with their fellow your people during the summer months.

Two places are reserved for young Ukrainians in each camp.

The first camp starts on 16 July.

Registration is now open!

The website of the ÖJD offers further information on this action and access to the camp overview at From there you can get to the registration form.

Information about the ÖJD work camps and how they are organized can be found in the digital info brochure:

Here is the English version of the info brochure:

With this offer, the Ökumenische Jugenddienste (ÖJD) and the ÖJD-Förderverein hope to enable young refugees to meet and experience self-efficacy.

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