Activities of the CBCA: Conferences about the Reformation

Activities of the CBCA: Conferences about the Reformation

Between October and December 2016, the CBCA (Communauté Baptiste au Centre de l’Afrique – Baptist Community in Central Africa) has held some different conferences on Martin Luther, the Reformation and the 95 theses in different schools and institutions. From one of them, a short report follows:

Mafundwe Secondary school being one of the schools run by the CBCA in south Kivu in the DRC, and at the same time it registered for the schools 500 reformation has decided to organise seminars and debates about reformation by Martin Luther. As we are at the beginning of the school year, I found worth to organise a seminar for teachers and 5th and 6th form students so to inform them about the selling of indulgences being one of the questions which were raised by Martin Luther and which led to reformation. Of course there are so many questions which are written in the 95 theses by Martin Luther and throughout this school year 2016-2017 we will be discussing about these different theses. Our school is lucky to have PIERRE KAHETO in it, one of the students in masters in educational quality and with him I am organising different activities related to reformation celebration especially as he visited Wittenberg himself and saw and touched realities of the reformation by Martin Luther.


By the help of Pierre Kaheto, the presenter of the topic, participants discussed the following elements:

  1. Overview of the Martin Luther’s biography
  2. The publication of Luther’s theses
  3. The selling of indulgences by the catholic Roman church
  4. The expansion of the reformation movement in Germany
  5. Debate: Questions and answers about the indulgences.

After explaining and discussing on the elements written above, we also showed some pictures which were printed in advance. The following photos were shown and explained by Pierre Kaheto once again:

  1. A photo of Martin Luther
  2. A photo the door where the 95 theses are published (Wittenberg)
  3. A photo of Martin Luther’s baptistery chapel
  4. A photo of Melanchthon, Greek professor, friend of Martin Luther and pioneer of education for all
  5. A photo OF Martin Luther garden in Wittenberg
  6. A photo of Wittenberg University
  7. A photo of the monument of Martin Luther
  8. A photo of Eisleben, Martin Luther birth place
  9. A photo about the expansion of the reformation movement in Germany : taken from the book TRAVEL GUIDE, last page
  10. A photo of Martin Luther at the imperial Diet in Worms.

After showing and explaining all the pictures mentioned here above, copies of the 95 theses were distributed to 11 teachers of Mafundwe secondary school.

Written by Balola Furaha Fortune (responsible of the programme at Mafundwe secondary school) and Pierre Kaheto (school responsible and presenter of the inputs about reformation).



The project team of GPENreformation thanks Pascal Zagaba Katula, coordinator at the CBCA, and Mr. Pierre Kaheto for sending the text and photos.