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Presbyterian High School (P H S) NKAMBE

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The school is found in Donga-Mantung Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. It is about 230 km from the Capital City of the North West Region of Cameroon. The School is found in Nkambe Sub Division of Donga-Mantung Division.
P H S Nkambe is a co-educational institution where both boys and girls study together in a Christain Institution under the umbrella of the Presbyterian Church In Cameroon. We provide education of the minds, hearts and hands.
The school was founded on the 19th of October 1990. Over the years the school has graduated many Cameroonians who do well today but the school over these years still lack infrastructure despite the growing number of students every year.
We are in Partnership with the District Church in Konstanz-Germany and they have been offering so much for the school over the years.
Another area of major concern is the regular power cuts the school is suffering.

Existing cooperations

We just completed one sponsored by our Konstanz- German Partners. They supported us in acquiring a deep freezer for the Food & Nutrition Laboratory of the school and also assisted the computer Laboratory in acquiring a voltage regulator, printers, iron door, fabric for the computers, blinds and also wiring the lab.