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Kibi Presby Junior High School

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The school was established in 1972 as Kibi Local Authorithy Presbterian Continuation Middle School. The name changed to be known as Kibi Presby Junior High School during the Educational Reform program in 1987.

The School consists of one linear block of three (3) clsassrooms, one (1) Office for the Headmaster, one (1) store room, and one (1) staff room. The school lacks Computer laboratory and therefore cannot boast of computer and accessaries which is essential for teaching and learning of ICT. The school has a large compound for future expansion of which part has been turned into oilpalm plantation.

The school is situated at the southern part of Kibi, the politcal and traditional capital of East Akim Municipal Assembly in the Eastern Region of the Republic of Ghana.

The school’s population stands at 109 pupils of which 57 are boys and 52 are girls.

The school is currently headed by Mr. Lawrence Amanie with seven (7) supporting staff.