Georg-Michael Schopp

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Who are you and what is your job?

Advisor for German Schools abroad. Before headmaster at various schools in Germany and abroad. Chairman of the Association of Protestant Schools until 2021.

Tell us in 3 words what GPENreformation means for you!

  1. The Protestant schools are an important part of the worldwide community for education.
  2. In order for their voice to be heard, they must band together and perform together.
  3. For me, international mindedness and Christian faith belong together. They point the way to a human future.

What does it mean for the schools in your region to be part of GPENreformation?

  1. To be part of an international, a worldwide community
  2. Get to know other cultures, traditions, languages – and to live the faith together.



Network of German Schools abroad

Netzwerk Deutsche Auslandsschulen


Advisor for German schools abroad

Berater Deutscher Schulen im Ausland

Former Chairman Working Group of Protestant Schools; Head of School in Germany and abroad

Früherer Vorsitzender der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Evangelischer Schulbünde; Schulleiter im In- und Ausland






Georg-Michael Schopp