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Evanjelické gymnázium Tisovec

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The idea of establishing Evanjelické gymnázium Tisovec, EGT/ Lutheran Slovak-English High School in Tisovec emerged after the changes in the political situation in 1989. This was built upon the rich traditions of the Lutheran basic school system of education and from the living memories of the high school which existed in Tisovec from 1938 – 1953.
In 1992, the ownership of the building was returned to the town, and the town gave the building over to meet the needs of the Lutheran school. The general bishop of the Slovak Lutheran Church of the Augsburg Confession, Pavol Uhorskai, wrote a founding document which officially established the school on April 27, 1992.
The first school year started on the 31st of August, 1992 with a worship ceremony and the school was opened on the 12th of September during a national celebration. It was attended by the bishop of the west district, Jan Antal, who was a graduate of the former gymnazium. There were 57 students from all of Slovakia in EGT for the first school year, 1992/93.
The reconstruction of the building of the Gymnazium came from the initiation of Julie Ballantyne, an American teacher, who wrote more than a hundred letters to her friends and contacts in the USA and Canada asking for financial help.
EGT is a bilingual boarding school with ca 300 students, from age 14-20 years, studying in a five year program. The teaching staff consists of Slovak and American educators.
The goal of the Lutheran High School of Tisovec is to provide a Christian environment which continues in the rich traditions of the Lutheran system of education in Tisovec, to educate and nurture young people with high moral principles and academic abilities, and to encourage them to seek a further education. This will encourage and equip these young people to seek prominent positions in the church and in the society.