September: Groupe Scolaire Kigeme A and Colegio Sinodal da Paz

Here you can find the contribution of the Colegio Sinodal da Paz and the Groupe Scolaire Kigeme A. It is written in English.

Dialogue between Groupe Scolaire Kigeme A and Colegio Sinodal da Paz:

On September 29, the Groupe Scolaire Kigeme A and the Colegio Sinodal da Paz met online so that students could see each other a little and exchange the results of the task on the question: What defines the character of a Christian person? What would be the traits to define what it means to be a Christian person?

Kigeme School Group presented:

A christian is a person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Christianity. <<born again in christian>>.

A true christian is a person who has God’s holy spirit (Romans 8:9-16).


  • A desire to deny a sin
  • A heart aiming to please and glorify God
  • A product of the holy sprit
  • Being a disciple
  • Commitment to Christ
  • Conformity into the image of christ
  • Constantly developing yourself
  • A desire to live uprightly
  • Doing what you teach
  • Faith in Christ
  • Godliness
  • Joy
  • pursuit of the truth
  • Life in complete harmony with the word of God and his will
  • Love
  • Mercyful
  • Patience
  • Peaceful
  • Peaceful relations with others
  • Remaining faithful regardless of the circumstances
  • Self control
  • Thankfulness
  • Unselfishness
  • Willingness to model Christ’s character
  • Working with the holy sprit
  • Endurance


  • Being good rather than evil
  • Being righteous
  • Brotherly affection to your neighbour
  • Compassion
  • Forgiveness
  • Gentleness
  • Good conscience
  • How we behave in stressed moments
  • Kindness
  • Knowledge
  • Moral acts out of christian motives
  • Not obeying the sprit of times
  • Speaking the truth  boldly
  • Suffering


  • Being honest
  • Avoiding pretending
  • Advanced Godliness
  • Christian fellowship
  • Reading bible
  • Praying constantly
  • Repentance
  • Preaching gospel
  • Christ centered in all we do


  • Preaching gospel
  • Praying constantly
  • Christian fellowship and christian families
  • Repentance
  • Reading bible

The evidence of a true christian is displayed also in faith and action. If anyone is in Christ, He is a new creature, The old has gone, and the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17).

(Done at Groupe scolaire Kigeme on 28 september 2022.)


And Colégio Sinodal da Paz presented:

The production of this text was collective by the group of Live your Faith. Each student wrote a paragraph. Of these, we produced a summary with the main ideas.

What defines Christian character? Everyone agrees that a Christian person should love and seek the good of others. A Christian person should not judge another, but should welcome and help others, especially the person in need. In the quest for evolution and self-knowledge, you must deny sin, but not judge and minimize the person who sins. The Christian person must know how to include those who are different, recognizing that Christ forgives sins, and teaches us that we must forgive one another. The Christian person speaks of Christ to other people, witnesses to his love and the truth of the gospel. So, we evolve in empathy, in selfless love, and look beyond our walls. We should seek humility, devotion in faith, respect and kindness. More important than practicing rites, we must learn to respect all people, who are part of God’s Creation, in addition to the doctrines we follow.