November: Groupe Scolaire Kigeme A

Here you can find the contribution of the Groupe Scolaire Kigeme A. It is written in English. It is written in English.

This is to report on work about faith in action where we are required to participate in social activities or project funded by the church around the school.

Dear colleagues and partners, we have sat and discussed as the members of group and came up by deciding to contact EAR Kigeme Parish and the church told us there was a widower who lives in our neighboring village called GAKOMA Village who need to be helped. Compassion international constructed the house for her and did not complete it.

This is the reason why; we sent a small team on 22/11/2022 to visit the widower to be helped and found that she needs her house to be repaired by two doors on two rooms because there was a lot of wind entered in the house.  It was necessary to mud the walls also as portrayed in the following photos.

1. This is how the house was before putting the door

2. These are photos while we were in activities

3. Reaction of the woman on the work done.

We worked together and had a deep discussion.  She warmly thanked us for the work done and asked us to help her in refine the house by cement.