The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania (ELCT) today buries retired Bishop Dr. Samson Mushemba (1935 – 2020), who served the church from 1961 to 2007 as Pastor, Bishop of the North West Diocese and leading Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania. As a … › Read more

INTRODUCTION Scholars agree that every human being has the right to get quality and equitable basic education in spite of one’s physical, intellectual, emotional, social and linguistic or any other conditions. Children with special needs, however, experience difficulties to attain their basic education that is … › Read more

The “Mwangaza Education Centre” works hand in hand with the church administered schools of Tanzania. Every year we offer seminars for about 40 teachers. We also visit schools and run various programmes to help teachers improve their teaching. This year, we decided to motivate teachers … › Read more

The Tanzanian government has recently issued a statement requiring teachers and educators to be cautious about implementing corporal punishment. The government’s statement results from several events which affected both students and teachers: in the Kilimanjaro and Kagera regions, three students were beaten to death. In … › Read more