Meeting of Teachers for Religious Education and the Ministry of Education Between May 30 and June 1, young leaders, teachers of RE and representatives of the Ministries of Education of the schools of the “Rede Sinodal de Educação” (RSE) [Synodal Education Network] gathered at the … › Read more

In order to promote Leadership, High School students*, together with the Directive and Pedagogical Team and Marketing Department, realized the Bridges for Mozambique Project, which was an “Action among Friends” whose prize draw was a basket of products for Mother’s Day. All the amount collected … › Read more

From May 30 to June 1, 2019, Rede Sinodal de Educação invites both a meeting of young leaders and a meeting of teachers of religious education. Both events are dedicated to the theme “Education for Solidarity and Peace” and thus join the “Peace Education Period” … › Read more