How we work

GPENreformation understands itself as a forum for global exchange of Protestant educational institutions and its supporting structures and is serving as an intermediary in communication on a global level. In this perspective, all organizational bodies are designed to coordinate but also to support activities of all members involved, thus making an enriching exchange and a vivid community possible.

There are three categories of membership which are functionally different but equal: Protestant schools, teacher training colleges and universities can join as basic members. Organizations and associations on a national, continental or even global level who represent and support these Protestant educational institutions are admitted as constituent members. In addition to that, individuals that are interested in Protestant education and GPENreformation can become part of the worldwide network as Friends of GPENreformation.

GPENreformation as a whole is led by the Council which is responsible for the strategic and structural development of the network. Its members come from different continents and countries as well as various Protestant denominations in order to represent the diversity of the network members.

The Council is accompanied by the network’s Ambassadors who are on-site contact persons. They build bridges between the local and the international level, facilitate communication in both ways and carry out regional activities.

The network administration is the responsibility of the Secretary. It supports the Council and the Ambassadors in their work and thus coordinates the activities of GPENreformation. It assures the implementation of programs and the communication between the different bodies and members.

Furthermore, it is planned to found a Researcher Circle which shall carry out scientific support and exchange of the network activities.