You cannot buy Pleasure

You cannot buy Pleasure

You cannot buy pleasure – but you can buy digital transformation

Six protestant schools in Congo and Rwanda in search of more empowerment and independence


Six protestant schools from the Congo and Rwanda have been known for their sustainable and successful pedagogy for many years. Now they are tackling a new project. The use of digital media will make students more independent, stronger and more communicative.

Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved with a pioneering spirit and zest for life alone.


Text : Tom E.Laengner

Photos : Nils Laengner


Successful and sustainable educators from Congo and Rwanda are aware of the potential of their students. Digitization will play a major role here. For the project, three schools from the Congo and three from Rwanda have joined forces. Above all, training is required, to which local experts from the creative industries are invited. And of course, high-quality media are needed. If only the second choice is used, first-class results can hardly be expected.


Responsible for the project are:

Charity Birungi, Rwanda

Tom E. Laengner, Germany

Jean Kasereka Lutswamba, DRC

Ernest Nkurunziza, Rwanda

Daniel Kambale Nzughundi, DRC


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