WCC calls for “Youth Talks” to end violence in schools

WCC calls for “Youth Talks” to end violence in schools

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With the “Churches’ Commitment to Children”, the World Council of Churches (WCC) faces up to its responsibility towards children and young people. It supports local and global projects and is committed to the protection and participation of young people worldwide.

In collaboration with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the WCC is currently running a campaign to end violence in schools. It calls on member churches, partners, communities and schools to organize “Youth Talks” to raise awareness of the impact of violence on children and the community and to create a safe space for discussion on how to enable young people to learn safely. Recommendations will also be developed to end violence in and around schools at local, national and global levels. A toolkit developed by UNICEF offers suggestions and ideas for the organization and implementation of a “Youth Talk”. Further materials can be found here.

The observations of participating schools and communities will be discussed at a World Children’s Day event organized by the WCC and UNICEF in Geneva on November 21, 2018. To join in, send a message to churchesforchildren@wcc-coe.org at the beginning of the planning of the “Youth Talk”; this way you can, among other things, contact the UNICEF office in your country. Your results can be forwarded via the feedback form below. If this is done by November 05, 2018, they can be included in the presentation on November 21. If sent by November 26, the results can be used to develop a #ENDviolence Youth Manifesto to be presented to Education Ministers and other leaders at the World Education Forum from January 20 to 23, 2019.

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