Letter of Hope: The Lesson of COVID-19 and the Hope we trust – Ambassador Eljay Abadiano

Letter of Hope: The Lesson of COVID-19 and the Hope we trust – Ambassador Eljay Abadiano

Dear Colleagues, Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The impact of the new Corona virus has tremendously affected our daily lives physically, economically, emotionally and even spiritually. We are confined to our houses as we are restrained by the authorities from corporal social meetings to mitigate the spread of the virus. We lost sources of income as most workplaces close shop temporarily, if not totally halted. Anxiety is haunting us as we are scared that we might contract the disease because we don’t know who might be infected. We are prevented to go to church to worship with one another in a much needed communion as mass gathering is prohibited. We suddenly realize the vulnerability of humanity because of this deadly pathogen posed in our midst. The COVID19 pandemic changes the outlook of life into a dismal situation and uncertainty. Everything has come into a complete distress.

However, what does this pandemic seemingly tell us? It is true that it creates fear for everyone, but if we contemplate deeply, there is something it wants to convey that we should see. It tells us that we should pause for a while and meditate because we are so overwhelmed by the trivial things around us that are insignificant and sometimes would cause us harm. It teaches us to be retrospect in all aspect of life. Schools are closed because it tells our students the value of experience that knowledge transcends beyond the four corners of the classroom. We are now constrained in our houses maybe because it teaches us to spend more time with our love ones and families in the comfort of our homes. We lost our jobs because it tells us that not everything is all about money. We are restricted to worship collectively perhaps to guide us in an unceasing individual prayer without anybody else around. And most essentially, we are besieged by fear because it leads us to trust that there is hope.

Despite of all the difficulties besetting our lives in these trying times, there is always a path to look upon where hope is found. A path where comfort resides and peace shrouds troubles and chaos. In times of dreadful circumstance, when science cannot explain, when reasons cannot grasp, when human effort cannot produce and when everything seems hopeless, Christ Jesus is our foundation. Through his death on the cross, the atonement of our transgression was bestowed so that fear has no power over us and His arising from the death assures us of eternal life in heaven. The message of resurrection is the hope we trust that shall come to pass.


Lord God, heavenly Father,
we offer before you our common supplication for the well-being of your people throughout the world. Heavenly Father, be with all the front liners and others who minister to the needs of those who are ill. Through their astute and compassionate service, grant relief to the sufferings and hope to the afflicted of Corona virus so that all may know of your boundless care. Father, help those who call upon You in any need that they may have patience in the midst of suffering and, according to your will, be released from their affliction. In this time of ordeal, oh Lord, strengthen our faith to trust in you through Christ Jesus, Your son, our Lord who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and forever.

School Director, Vox Dei Academy