Tanzanian Ambassadors focus on Goals of GPENreformation

Tanzanian Ambassadors focus on Goals of GPENreformation

According to Mimii’s MTh research (2018), Tanzania was one of the countries that heard first about GPENreformation. Yet, the involvement into the network was not promising. Following the GPENreformation Ambassadors Assembly that was held in Arusha in November 2018, Tanzania got more ambassadors who decided to convene a meeting in March 2019 (on WhatsApp) and then a face to face meeting followed in May 2019. In both meetings, their goals were how to link the schools to the network and how to make them carry on the goals GPENreformation. They shared some roles that each ambassador will carry and in this article, I am glad to share some of what the ambassadors have begun doing.

Our resolution was that ambassadors should use whatever opportunity available to share to the community what GPENreformation is and what are its goals and by all means get them to the network.  This is because, Tanzania, for many decades, though seen from outside as an island of peace when one gets in the country and lives there long realizes that, there are many definitions of peace. The kind of peace that Tanzanians enjoy is the absence of war only, but deep into their daily life, they have many tensions and worries. Tanzanians need to be told what peace truly means, and the ambassadors of GPENreformation found that it is one of their responsibilities.

On May 20–23 there was a meeting of heads of 11 secondary schools at Mwangaza Education Centre. While two of those heads (Imani Msambwa and Godrick Lyimo) are our ambassadors, we decided to officially send our delegates to make a presentation on GPENreformation and its goals. Thus, Christowaja Mtinda, Rev. Rachel Axwesso and Salome Lally went there and spoke on the network to heads of the school. In the photos bellow you see them.

This is just the dawn of the whole thing.  We see hope that apart from other activities ambassadors have in their daily life, GPENreformation becomes part of their life as well. Mimii Brown will soon have the “Mtoto wa Africa” (African Child) event and in that 100 children from different schools will take part. This will not be through heads of the schools to the children, but it will be directly to the children. It is going to have special impact on their lives and their families and in that way, GPENreformation goals will continue getting spread.

In June there will be two big conferences. One will be of Tanzania women theologians held in Mbulu, and then another one will be of Tanzanian Secondary Schools Christian students. This second one will be held in Dodoma. We have decided to send delegates to both conferences, and we will report on whatever is being done.

We are dreaming of Tanzania that will sing the goals of GPENreformation and we really want to promote peace. But at the end of everything we want to propagate the Kingdom of God.

Read the minutes of the meeting here:

Tanzanian Ambassadors Meeting_Minutes
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This report was written by Ambassador Rev. Dr. Gerson Mgaya.