Tanzania: Mwangaza Teacher of the Year Award

Tanzania: Mwangaza Teacher of the Year Award

The “Mwangaza Education Centre” works hand in hand with the church administered schools of Tanzania. Every year we offer seminars for about 40 teachers. We also visit schools and run various programmes to help teachers improve their teaching. This year, we decided to motivate teachers by launching an ELCT Secondary Schools Teacher of the Year competition. The award aims to reflect on what you are doing and we believe it can be a great motivation for the future.

The photo above shows some of the teachers at the summer seminar with Salome Lally (the smallest person in the photo), who is one of the GPENreformation ambassadors. Salome trains the teachers who come to the seminar in Mwangaza. The three men in the middle are the winners of the award initiated by Mwangaza. To the right of Salome is the first prize-winner, Mr Alistedes Leonidas from Karagwe, next to the two runners-up Tumsifu Munuo and Geofrey Ngilangwa. They all spoke to the gathered, thanked God and paid tribute to those who inspired them on their way to the teaching profession. David Neale expressed his appreciation on behalf of the Friends of Mwangaza Board. Daudi Msseeemmaa then spoke about the namesake of the award, the founder of Mwangaza, Dr. Shoonie Hartwig, and her values as a teacher. John Kavishe concluded by describing the selection process and the characteristics of Alistides that led to the award.
The meeting of the Mwangaza community was enriched by this inspiring event.

We believe that year after year the Tanzanian church-led secondary schools will work harder to promote peace and help students become better citizens. However, we still have a long way to go to achieve our goals. These seminar workshops and school visits are very helpful in changing the situation.

We are happy that GPENreformation is a guide for us. And we see ourselves committed to the goals of the network.
We thank God that we are part of the GPENreformation family!


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Salome Lally

Ambassadrice Salome Lally