Networking in the DR Congo

Networking in the DR Congo

Representatives of C.S. SEAMAN, MICOVEVI and GPENreformation start an exchange


On Thursday, August 2, 2018, Daniel Nzunghundi and Lucie Kahambu, Ambassadors of GPENreformation, Pastor Tombo Wilondja, head of the SEAMAN school complex, and Wasso Pascal, responsible for MICOVEVI development projects, met in the office of the Prefect of the Majengo Institute.

After a mutual presentation of the work and institutions, Ambassador Daniel Nzunghundi took the floor and reported on the emergence and goals of the Global Pedagogical Network – GPENreformation for short: The network arose from the reflection on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, which Martin Luther inspired not only on a spiritual but also on an educational level. He also taught others and worked with a famous pedagogue. The goal of GPENreformation is to initiate a community of Protestant schools worldwide that faces and works on the various challenges of today.

Daniel Nzunghundi also explained the advantages of belonging to this network:

  • Exchanging experiences at the educational level and making friends;
  • Participation in seminars and conferences organised by the network;
  • Financing of smaller regional projects.

As part of GPENreformation, the Majengo Institute organised a trip to Germany for some students and teachers, where they shared their experiences with their German colleagues.

Daniel Nzunghundi also informed about the upcoming conference in Tanzania, where communication and peace-building will be discussed.

Furthermore, the two Ambassadors presented a small brochure entitled “Establishing common ground for Protestant schools worldwide” and recommend that school activities be regularly published on the GPENreformation website. As well, they promised to arrange for a contact with Jean Kasereka, a long-standing Ambassador and coordinator of the schools of the Baptist community in Central Africa “CBCA/Goma”, who will pass on even more detailed information about GPENreformation.

At the end of the conversation, the two Ambassadors promised to visit C.S. SEAMAN again at the beginning of the school year to get to know the school properly.

The meeting ended in a friendly atmosphere and with an exchange of contacts.


By Reverend TOMBO WILONDJA Emmanuel
Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors