Join-in Action: Greetings from all over the World

Have you ever heard of sending each other greetings from isolation, especially in these times? No? Neither had I…until I recently read an article about it in the daily newspaper. I was thrilled!

Imagine that you enjoy writing and sending postcards or emails, and equally enjoy receiving postcards or emails. From random people. From all over the world. Real, tangible postcards or even emails! And it’s free – well, except for the expense of postcards and postage, of course – but your mailbox turns into a little treasure chest. Or your e-mail account fills up with lots of exciting new contacts from all over the world. Aren’t these wonderful prospects?

There are many different models and ideas for making people more connected again in times of isolation. Do some googling! And the need is great, after all! Do you feel like you sorely miss the little everyday ‘chats’ – once a given?
That reminds me – the same model has existed for years with books! By means of publicly placed bookcases, people exchange news with each other – someone puts a book in and someone takes a book out. You could also exchange messages with each other via these books…but that’s going too far here!

You can either start an action yourself or start small and send a digital postcard or an email into the vastness of the international GPENreformation network and get one back – simply to be connected with each other in this low-contact time and to exchange information, greetings, wishes and hopes among each other. What do you think?

If you would like to participate, please send a short feedback to our mailbox We will collect all the answers. We will send you the first name and email address of another participant, to whom you will then write a digital postcard. In return, you will also receive a digital postcard.

We look forward to seeing you and send you our warmest regards!

Yours, Kerstin Wiechmann
GPENreformation Team in the EKD Church Office