Integration of RIEP and GPENreformation

Integration of RIEP and GPENreformation

The amalgamation process of the two educational networks, GPENreformation and RIEP, has moved forward. The outcome of the statutory yearly consultation of RIEP’s members last April, concerning the proposed integration, turned out to be unanimously positive.

Both our networks aim at very similar goals. We trust this mutualization will help develop and revitalize communication and exchanges between the RIEP members and the more German and English-speaking ones connected through GPENreformation.

The RIEP members are strongly encouraged to play an active part as the “French-speaking department” of GPENreformation, and have already been invited to visit the website and interact with other actors from the Protestant educational world.

The founding members of RIEP are in charge of Protestant school structures in French-speaking African countries (Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo-Brazzaville, Gabon and Rwanda although it is now officially English-speaking!), in Madagascar, Tunisia, Haïti and New-Caledonia. Their situations may vary, as well as the size of their organizations and their type of relations with the Church authorities they usually depend on, but they all strive toward a high quality education inspired by the values of Reformation. They certainly have a lot to share through, and to gain from, dynamic interaction with the other members of GPENreformation.

Thank you, GPENreformation, for generously welcoming RIEP! Let’s hope for a very fruitful communication, project-building and collaboration!

Mireille Boissonnat, Defap volunteer in charge of RIEP project