IMPEQ Newsletter Winter 2020 published

IMPEQ Newsletter Winter 2020 published

“This scenario [the Corona crisis] determines not only our daily life here in Germany, but in many other countries as well. Accordingly, we had to reorganize the IMPEQ program because we could not meet and work with one another in person. This change has cost us all a lot of extra work and engagement. However, it made it possible for us to continue our cooperation and shared learning journey despite all the restrictions. You will read about these changes in this newsletter.


In the Christmas story according to the Evangelist Luke, the angels proclaim, “Do not be afraid! See, I proclaim great joy to you.” I wish you all for this period of time and also for the coming New Year, that we do not feel fear in the face of the great challenges that lie ahead of us. A great joy is announced, from which we should be infected. I very much hope that this infection of joy is stronger than Corona and will inspire, encourage and determine our work more than any difficulties.”


Read the whole editorial from GPENreformation Council member Annette Scheunpflug and many interesting articles round about the program “IMPEQ” in their latest newsletter.

IMPEQ Newsletter Winter 2020
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