FEPH assessment of the earthquake in Haiti

FEPH assessment of the earthquake in Haiti

On Saturday, October 6, 2018, an earthquake measuring 5.9 on the Richter scale was registered northwest of Part-de-Paix, Haiti. A delegation from the headquarter of the Fédération des Ecoles Protestantes d’Haïti (FEPH; Federation of Protestant Schools of Haiti) immediately travelled to the affected areas to assess the situation of the students and teachers as well as the damage to the schools located there.

The investigations showed that the earthquake did not trigger a humanitarian crisis; however, some damage to schools – such as in the case of the Port-au-Paix School District Office (BDS) – is irreparable, many people are traumatised and the already bad situation of the regions before the natural disaster was aggravated.

In the short term, the FEPH would like to initiate psychosocial support in school communities, the establishment of transition areas for educational institutions (espas timoun) and a detailed evaluation of the school buildings. In the medium term, the association believes that a training programme in risk and disaster management (DRM) is essential for school principals, teachers and students. In view of the geographical, geological and ecological context of the region, this training must be mandatory in every school.

The report provided by Christon St Ford, Managing Director of FEPH, can be found here in French: 

FEPH: Rapport d'évaluation préliminaire
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