Evangelische Hochschule Moritzburg celebrates its “Voice of Germany”

Evangelische Hochschule Moritzburg celebrates its “Voice of Germany”

On December 16, 2018 the decision was made that changed his life abruptly: Samuel Rösch from Großrückerswalde in the German Erzgebirge is “The Voice of Germany” 2018!

As unexpected as this decision for Samuel himself may have been, in retrospect it has been clear: “Immediately after a few notes, his competitiveness was obvious,” recalls the 24-year-old’s singing teacher. His singing teacher is Professor Jens Seipolt, Deputy Rector of the Evangelische Hochschule of Moritzburg, at which Samuel successfully completed his Bachelor’s degree and which accompanies and promotes him in his musical development.

Samuel chose neither the course of studies “Protestant religious education with a musical profile” nor “Education and upbringing in childhood with a religious education profile” – two courses offered by the university with an above-average proportion of musical courses. Instead, the course “Protestant Religious Education with a Social Work Profile” offered him the opportunity to pursue three of his interests at the same time: Working with people, music and his Christian faith. A focus module on social work, social pedagogy and early childhood education trained Samuel’s pedagogical skills. At the same time, he had “the greatest freedom of choice as to what kind of music-making he would like to cultivate,” reports Professor Seipolt.

The decision for singing was not difficult for Samuel, since he is also a singer of the band “PaperClip”: “Authentic, lifelike and living music, which, through critical texts on society and people, vibrates at the pulse of time” – this is how the band describes its own art on its website and further states that not only home and kinship connect the members, but above all faith. “As Christians they want to encourage and pass on the hope that every person is valuable and loved by God. But they also want to shake people up and keep them awake. Samuel achieved this with his appearances at “The Voice”, where he mainly performed German lyrics and was able to convince 55% of the audience.

Samuel also wants to unite work with people, music and faith in the long term – as a teacher of religion. Before that, however, he still has to finish his master’s degree in “Protestant Religious Education”, which he is currently pausing for the tour of the finalists of “The Voice of Germany”.


At the Evangelische Hochschule Moritzburg, young people with the professional goal of deacons/deacons and community pedagogues are studying. Aesthetic education – especially musicality – Is regarded as a quality criterion by religious educators at the university; teaching, learning and living are characterized by music-making that transcends study programs and profiles.

Further information about the Evangelische Hochschule Moritzburg and its courses of study can be found on the website: http://www.eh-moritzburg.de.