Environmental Protection – using clean sanitation facilities in schools

In creating Presbyterian School of Kabuga and Muyumbu Presbyterian School in Rwanda, we emphasized on environment protection specifically in planting trees and in using clean toilets. Since six years ago our students in both schools are succeeding 100% in national exam. With your message I would like to suggest a project of using clean toilets for “environment protection.”

More ten years in researching on the use of toilet I can confirm that it is very important tool which helps student to improve their knowledge and success.

The objectives of the project will be to raise awareness about hygiene and sanitation through school education sessions and promote community education on the issue of clean sanitation facilities in referring to the verset of Deuteronomy 23:13 and some Islamic good maners in using sanitation facilities. On attachment I sent a small article relating to clean sanitation facilities.

Dr. Ndayizeye Munyansanga Olivier, PIASS