Documentation of the World Reformation Exhibition now available!

The World Reformation Exhibition took place at Wittenberg, Germany, 20th May to 10th September 2017. As one of more than 80 exhibitioners GPENreformation participated in this major event during the so-called Reformation Summer 2017 at the birthplace of the Reformation itself. Under the name “talents’tent – Education worldwide” the GPENreformation pavilion presented to the visitors one of the most important aspects of the Reformation movement: Education.

Visitors would learn more about GPENreformation and its Protestant schools worldwide, enjoy thrilling performances of students from Protestant schools on stage as well as discussions and workshops with experts in education. The Café area with its inviting and idyllic atmosphere also made a lot of visitors stay a moment longer and helped to raise 15.oo0 Euros of donations for projects in education worldwide!

Discover more about these 16 exciting weeks of GPENreformation in Wittenberg here. You will find a lot of photos, reports, videos and materials from different persons and groups involved.