Called by your name

Called by your name

Sharing Heritage – 2018 is the first European Heritage Year. It draws attention to the treasures and beauty of Europe’s cultural diversity. The accompanying exhibition “Called by your name: MARIA” travelled through every federal state in Germany in the course of this year in a Marienkirche and as “Called by your name: NIKOLAUS” in a Nikolai church.

All texts and graphics of the exhibitions as well as audios with stories of people called Mia, Maria, Niklas, Claus or Nikolaus can also be found at and thus the pedagogical suggestions for this can also be used beyond the exhibition venues and invite with Nikolaus, the bishop of Myra and Maria, the mother of Jesus to discover what is also in their own name – directly in the classroom in religious education or in the parish in confessional lessons.

With the online offer accessible all over the world, the cultural office of the EKD has had teaching materials produced which, together with the website, work on the perception of name, place and history as part of one’s own reality and identity in the here and now.

With friendly permission the teaching material is also available for download on


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